Princess Aisha


Morphix-based powers
Niobe(mother), Teredor (father)

Aisha is the Fairy of Waves and is the sixth member of Winx Club. She is the princess from Andros.

Personality and Personal Appearance


Despite being a princess, Aisha is very rebellious and active. She is sporty and brave, but sometimes, her feelings can get hurt and affected easily, just like in Season 4, when Nabu dies or falls into a coma.

Personal Appearance

Aisha has brown skin, dark brown hair, pale, dark blue eyes and pink, thick lips.


When she was little, Aisha had not enjoyed her life as a princess. But her friend, Anna, comforts her when she's sad.

Appearance in Seasons

Season 2

Aisha first met the other Winx girls (aside from Roxy) after she was healed after fainting in an attempt to save the pixies from Darkar in Season 2. In that season also, Aisha earned her Charmix and she is accepted as the sixth member of Winx Club. Along with the other Winx girls, she defeated Darkar.

Aisha in her sick outfit.


Season 3

In Season 3, Aisha met a wizard called Nabu. She first hates him, but later fell in love and became a couple.

Aisha also earned her Enchantix by saving Queen Ligea and she and the other girls defeated Valtor together.

Season 4

Same with the other girls, Aisha met Roxy, the Earth Fairies and the Wizards of the Black Circle in Season 4 on Earth. She also earned her Believix.

Aisha in her Hip Hop dancing outfit in Season 3.

However, Aisha had once decided to join the Earth Fairies' revenge after Nabu falls into a coma or possibly died, although at the end, she decided to quit and defeats the Wizards of the Black Circle along with the other Winx girls and Nebula.

Season 5

In Season 5, Aisha earns her Harmonix and Sirenix and bonds with Lemmy, Selkie of the Andros' ocean gate. She and the other girls defeated

Aisha in her band outfit in Season 5.

Trittanus and the Trix and saved the universe. She also met a boy called Roy and possibly have a crush on him.

Season 6

Coming soon...